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  1. Is there some body who lives in the philippines? Can somebody help me on how to subtitute the mc1466l ic?
  2. can't post it because I'm in computer shop only becuase my computer have no internet card becauase Im using dial-up internet conection
  3. Hi! im joseph I just want to know what IC is used in the 500W low cost power inverter
  4. hi! I'm joseph I know where to buy that.But first i will ask you from what country you live? Because here in Philippines i have a electronic supply (store) and it only cost 22$ each
  5. hi,i'm joseph I don't know who creted it but I know a site that gives it schematic-diagram If you're interested this is the exact site where you can see it: http://www.redcircuits.com/Health.htm IF you find difficulties to download it just save it's schematic-diagram in your computer
  6. hi,i'm joseph I'm selling a "full water-tank alarm" .sell it for only 2$ each if you want to buy one's just reply
  7. hi,I'm joseph I downloaded a software where you can easily search for datasheets.If you like to dowload it also here is the site where you can download it free "http://www.nteinc.com/qc12/"
  8. hello I'm joseph ,I read your message in project topic,i sudgest you to use 0.02 mfd capacitor
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