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  1. Any diode will work as a zener (PVI) but not very well. What makes zeners different is the “doping” levels  in the N & P materials. By controlling the levels, the “zener voltage” (breakdown) can be "more" accurately controlled.

  2. You have a couple of problems... first, if the the supply voltage to the LM358 is 12V, the base of the BDX33C needs to be at least a Vbe drop above the emitter voltage to get 12V at Vout... you can't get there with what you have. Second, put a feedback cap on the LM358, say .1

  3. ... the circuit that it was in was complex and even seemed to rectify the signal before sending it through the primary winding which I thought was weird.

    If true, it's probably from a "off-line switch mode power supply", in which case you can not connect it directly to mains AC voltage. Transformers/coupled inductors (if it was a flyback) of that type are meant to run at much higher frequencies.
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