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  1. Your description sounds like a 3-phase auto-transformer. Try 110v across two of the primary inputs (smaller wire in the windings). Use a ballast bulb like you have been. IF that works out OK, the try 110v across one input and the center-tap. This should give the correct voltage on the secondaries, assuming a 230v 3-phase winding on the input. It seems doubtful that it would be a welder transformer, since there would be no isolation on the output. <als>
  2. Selling out shop and personal inventory of test equipment, audio amps and mixers, CCTV and surveillance cameras, monitors, and switchers, Cisco switches and routers, and much more. Good deals on top-notch gear. Lists and pictures are at: http://hmin.tripod.com/als/ccs/pages/equip22.html <als>
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