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  1. It would be wonderful if we could see the circuit, also.
  2. "Plz refer me any good book available online....." This was a good starting point for me:
  3. Yes Sir, Audioguru, and pin 3 is still unconnected.
  4. Hi, Virus The circuit you attached could possibly have some drawing defects, but the first thing I noticed was that pin 8 of the 555 is not connected to anything.
  5. Here's a project that meets all your requirements, and is showy, also. The circuit demonstrates how an operational amplifier is able to accurately follow the flucuations of an input voltage, either positive or negative.
  6. Hi Virus, If you were going to lift a circuit from that site, why didn't pick the one that WILL WORK! The attatched is from the same source, but unaltered, and is what we've been trying to accomplish lo these many days. Try it.
  7. Audioguru's circuit will work just fine.
  8. Hello again, Virus I'm afraid you haven't yet grasped a basic premise both Zepp and I have tried to tell you:
  9. Hi Chris I think we are cross messaging.
  10. Hi Chris, Glad you are happy with Futurlec.
  11. I feel I owe an apology to the forum's members and guests for some unnecessarily critical comments I posted recently regarding the Texas Instruments sample program. To mis-quote the Bard, "The fault lies, dear friends, not in TI, but in I." I placed another sample order today, but this time I was prepared with a website listing all datasheets, so I could not only see if I really could use the sample, but to verify its packaging.
  12. Hi Chris, Lately I have been buying my components from www.futurlec.com
  13. Hi Chris, I have jotted down some connections for counters that work for me.
  14. Hi slackjack An alternating current can be measured without breaking the circuit by simply placing a special loop around the current-carrying line. With DC, however, I am not aware of any efficient, economical or accurate method.
  15. I am not in Pakistan, but I did recently order from Maxim and received the free samples immediately. I do not have any idea why your order is delayed.
  16. Good evening. Regarding your fan control project, you must first remember Ohm's law regarding resistors in parallel, which is what your diagram indicates.
  17. MP and gogo: I just ventured over to the Maramil website, www.maramil.com and found all the information you referenced.
  18. It has been several days since you posted your question, and you may have already solved your problem. The simplest fix is using an NPN transistor, such as the 2N2222 in an emitter follower configuration.
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