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  1. how can the blue ones be flame proof resistors are made out of clay... clay can burn ???
  2. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get plans to make a portable DTMF Decoder :) I tried searching and found nothing.. What I would like is that the device that hearing a DTMF tone prints it to a little LCD display. It’s just an idea.. If there anything like that great if not I better start learning and maybe in a year or so I can start working on something.. ;D
  3. the fact the resistor is blue dont matter, they can be blue or brown (the main color of the body of resistor not the little stripes :D) just as long as they are the same size... thats about all i know about resistors and that you cant put one in backwards ;D
  4. blue60


    i would just like to say hello and say what a great place this is. i am kinda a noob in this subject but i know how how to fix most things (i have fixed more VCR's and FTA box's then i can count) i hope to learn alot from here and give back as much as i can. by the way live the projects area... ;D
  5. i want to do this project too, but i am too much of a [move]noob[/move]
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