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  1. The power supply suggests a toriodal transformer of 2x38V = 76V total . and a power 500VA , but i have a transformer of 2 x 28V with a current of 8A . now calculating the current required , Watt = power factor x VA = .5(typical) x 500 , so i get 300W and divide by 76V , i get 3.94A , which is the current it needs , right  , and there is also a fuse of 4A . and a bridge of 35A / 250V ????  ??? , one more thing will m 2 x 28V transformer rated at 8A , work with the M250 power supply , does it fullfill the needs .


  2. This is the complete schematic for a function generator using 741 opamp .

    VALUE        SHAPE        #    REFDES     

    1.00kOhm_1%  RES12        1    R4         
    4.02kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R5         
    4.99kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R1         
    20K_LIN      TRIPOT10X5V  2    R2,R6       
    24.9kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R7         
    33nF        KERKO6X5R5  1    C2         
    68nF        KERKO6X5R5  1    C1         
    402Ohm_1%    R0204R7_5    1    R3         
    Op-Amp_741  DIP8        3    U1,U2,U3   

    The PCB is messed up , so just follow the schematic


  3. The IC XR2206 By Exar is a very neat IC and can produce generate sine , square , sawtooth , pulse and triangle waves , up to 1Mhz And above . It can also Modulate FM and AM signals. you can use it's datasheet , to find the circuit diagrams . it's fairly simple to tackle with the frequency and the values. read the datasheet and you will find it. well luckily i have made a op amp version of the function generator using 741 op amp . it's maximum frequency was 0 to 1Khz i guess. i have its PCB layout and schematic , if you want it , and i have the XR2206 IC PCB layout also. The schematic for the op amp function generator is given.



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