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  1. ok then i am preparing to add something else , temprature meter , fan , and a Power meter that shows the actual wattage, for power measurment i will be using  a ADC to measure voltage and current and then when it is binary form , digitaly multiply them using logic gates , and then convert the binary power output to 7 segment using a BCD to 7 segment decoder . how is the idea ..

  2. Okay this is not a theory discusssion , i have built the ICL7107 voltmeter and is working great , form www.electronics-diy.com , here is the PCB layout and silkscreen. the lines are jumpers

    These are the componenets list

    VALUE        SHAPE        #    REFDES     

    1.0MOhm_5%  R0204R7_5    1    R6         
    1N4148      DIO_DO35    3    D1,D2,D3   
    10K_LIN      TRIPOT10X5V  1    R2         
    10kOhm_5%    R0204R7_5    1    R5         
    10nF        MKHCON4A    1    C7         
    10uF-POL    ELKO10R5    2    C1,C2       
    15kOhm_5%    R0204R7_5    1    R3         
    47kOhm_5%    R0204R7_5    1    R4         
    100kOhm_5%  R0204R7_5    1    R1         
    100nF        MKHCON4A    1    C4         
    100pF        KERKO5X4R5  1    C3         
    220nF        MKHCON4A    1    C6         
    470nF        MKHCON4A    1    C5         
    DIPSW4      DIPSW4H      1    JSW1       
    ICL7107      DIP40S      1    U1         
    ICL7660      DIP8        1    U2         
    JUMPER      JUMPER      20  J1,J2,J3,J4,J5,J6,J7,J8,J9,J10,J11,J12,J13,J14,J15,J16,J17,J18,J19,J20
    TEST_PT1    PB          4    GND,INneg,INpos,VCC


  3. Actually i live in pakistan , and it is so hot out here , and about 40 degress , pure sun on your head . although the sho is nearby but the roads are always jammed and the traffic is like nonsense . and the local busses are full . it is cruel out here . and i don't have enough budget now also , so can i work around with these components as well .

    Please pray for the weather , it's hell out there.

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