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  1. Forget about making an another amplifier . i will make this again , i will buy new components. ok and will make new PCB and please tell me the site where i can get info on getting the Inductor Value of 0.5mm wound around a resistor of 1W with 10 turns . is there a calculation , please i need to know the value in order to get the inductor right. now please help me on the inductor plzz ... i will do all the PCB Again. plz help on the inductor , i want it's value. and if possible a very
    equivalent substitute for BD829 BD830 and BDW84D and BDW83D

  2. AudioGuru can you give me any working 50W-60W amplifier schmatic and PCB Layout with 4ohm @60W speaker output with volume or base adjustment . plzz i need it soon ... The one's you have made and are working great .. plz .. i have to submit a project in about 2 days please help.....  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  3. Hello ..

    I am really worried , i am going to buy tommorow , the orignal transistors . but please reply soon audioguru that is the high current of R2 And R16 because of the Transistors . and if i replace them will it work . Plzzzz .. help .. and lastly will it give any signal if R2 And R16 are hot . thnxx plzz ....  ??? :'( :'( :'( :'(

  4. Today i am going to the electronics market . I think iwiil buy two pots . and by the way q6 is short so that might be the problem . what do you think , i will change the pot today and will change q7 and q6 ok , but i forgot to tell you that i am using BD825 and BD 140 in place of BD829 and BD830 and BDW84A and BDW84A instead of BDW84D and BDW84D , because i could not find the original. ok

  5. Hello again ,

    When i add a bulb in series with both the +40 And -40 of 100W/220V , the bulb heats up and there is no voltage drop across the amplifier and only the bulbs , i did also one careless mistake that i put a AC ammeter in series which burned  one capicator at the input . But what does the bulb shows that something is short in the circuit . i think the two resistors have more current flowing , so they may be virtually short , i am going today to buy the stuff ,

    1 ohm 2W x 2
    1K pot x 2
    10uF / 63V x 2
    2A x 4 Fuses
    3A x4 Fuses
    BC548 x 2
    BC546 x 2

    and by the way i connected the neutral wire , it's working now with the neutral wire plugged , and the problem was that the heatsink was shorted with the transistor's body

  6. I have disconnected the 0V neutral lead , nothin heats up except the goddamn 0.47 ohm (5W) R2 And R16 Resistors but the amplifier loads up perfectly , not even the transistors heat up . maybe i shoould place 1K resistor of 1 Watt in parallel with them  ??? as written on the manual.
    But is this heating up of the 0.47ohm (5W) resistors normal when everything is fine. ??? ???

    I made a discovery that the transistors body where the screw is mounted and touches the heat sink was shorted, so the transistors collector was actually shorted with the heat sink . i corrected that problem by applying a plastic washer in between them . Could this be the reason that the neutral wire actually burned up ????  ??? ???.

    now i am putting the goddamn 1 k 2W resistors in parallel with the R2 And R 16 .. ok

  7. The Power Supplies neutral rail is getting burned out , not the amplifier's neutral connection. i think that there is something wrong at the amplifier end , but the thing is i have double checked every short connection , only one transtor Q6 seems to be short , but otherwise i have checked the DC Input stage . everything seems to be fine... what could be the problem ...  ??? ??? :'( :'(

  8. Hello ,

    my name is faizan brohi ,

    There is a 100W Audio AMplifier Project in the Audio Section of the projects By SmartKit. The PRoblem That i am facing is that the power supplies neutral wire goes red and then breaks in the PCB Board. Ofcourse this means that the amplifier circuit is short , but i have checked everything and nothing seeems to be short. please can you help me with this , any help on this would be greatful . i have worked on this for 7 days and still no results ..plzzzz...help.......  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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