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  1. I upgraded my pc operating system to Windows 10 and its browser is called EDGE. It works fine on other forums so I will try to attach a file here.


    Like with Windows 8.1 and the browser Internet Explorer 11 there is no button here for me to click for me to attach anything.

  2. In my profile I see the box allowing me to upload my Avatar from my hard drive. But in a forum reply here I do not see a box allowing me to make an attachment.

    My pc automatically gets all the latest updates from Microsoft.

    My browser had its "popup blocker" turned on, I turned it off now and I will try another reply in a minute.

    With the 'popup blocker' in my browser turned off, I still do not see a box in my reply allowing me to make an attachment.

    A minute ago I made this same reply and clicked on Submit Reply. Then it said "Saving" forever but never saved it so here it is again.

  3. The circuit you found will not work with a Jfet but will work with an NPN transistor and a low impedance signal source (not a piezo).

    A piezo throat mic is a contact mic. Go to http://makezine.com/2011/12/20/collins-lab-diy-contact-mic/ to see the different circuit used for a Jfet preamp for a piezo mic.

    There is a similar circuit at http://www.homemade-circuits.com/2014/07/diy-contact-mic-circuit.html but it has the drain and source pins of the Jfet connected backwards.

  4. I followed instructions in Google how to clear the browser cache and clear temp files. I rebooted. I needed to log in here but I still do not see a box to allow me to make an attachment.

    Hero and you use an older Windows 7 operating system. I use newer Wndows 8.1 Pro.

  5. You forgot to tell us what the pickup is used for. A guitar? A piano? A drum? The horrible circuit will work with an N-channel Jfet or NPN transistor if the piezo pickup is in a drum. 


    The circuit will not be a linear amplifier with a high input impedance if a Jfet is used. The circuit is designed to use an NPN transistor but will work poorly when a piezo pickup or magnetic guitar is used because its input impedance is too low.

    If an N-channel Jfet is used then its gate must have a 2.7M resistor to 0V, not to its output. Use a 2N5457 or 2N5484.

  6. Your Windows 7 is much older than my Windows 8.1 Pro.

    Can you try Windows 8.1 Pro like millions of other people have?

    I do not see "Saving..." anymore when I submit a reply. 

    The properties of your attachment show that it is a URL, not an attachment from your hard drive. I need to make attachments from my hard drive.

  7. I have always used Microsoft Internet Explorer with no problems until this website got new software. I think Admin should download Internet Explorer to see what causes the problem, not me trying another browser (which one, Firefox, Chrome or another?)..

  8. Sorry, I will not use a different browser and I will not change anything because every other website forum works perfectly except this one with its new software.

    Another problem is when I finish typing and push "Submit Reply" it says "Saving..." forever and I think it did not work. It should submit immediately and go back to the thread.

  9. I am making this new post to see if there is a box that says, "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" but the box is missing. Instead there is a box on the right side that says, "Insert other media" as I described before.


    I use Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11.

  10. It looks like the new software for this site does not allow an attachment to be made so we will never see the schematic.

    There is a button here that says, "Insert other media" that might allow an attachment. I am attaching a box that says "TEST".

    No, it allows only attachments that were made before, or from a URL.

    The new software here is a nightmare!

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