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  1. HI ALL,, DON'T FORGET TO SEND ME ONE , PLEASE,,,, MY E-MAIL IS [email protected] nibras
  2. Dear ALL: what do you mean with the medical electronic, if you mean medical instrumentation then I can help you, but I need your to be more specified for the branch of application, because there are huge number of systems around the wworld... Eng. Nibras H. G. Assesstant Teacher Biomedical Eng. Dept Baghdad University Iraq
  3. Hi: ok I'm talking about general application, but kindly if you any thing about RS232 Nibras H. G.
  4. Hi All: can any one tell me about the application for reciever and transmitter for the PIC.. Nibras H. G.
  5. Hi: you can see the following site for heart beat and I can give you more for the future. http://www.ymec.com/hp/signal2/index.htm#heart1 Nibras H. G.
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