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  1. dear all I m searching for some resources about medical electronics if u can help
  2. in the perevious toic http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6106.0
  3. thanx alot parteek greek if there is some links like that send it thx
  4. >:(i see but i mean PDF books in some sites
  5. mmmmmm now i understood u thanks alot :D
  6. isnt there free books on net thanks
  7. thanks alun but you say "current converter" and then say convert 24 volt to 12 volt . it should be"volt converter" or what????? ???
  8. please can you explaine how this circuit convert current ???
  9. hi furom I am studying electronics but I cant understand any thing although I m quiet intelegent so, Iwant to learn the basics of electronics if there is courses on this site someone send it please........... thanks
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