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  1. The manual is already posted, so all I can do is post the tutorial (v4.16). Enjoy my little contribution. http://rapidshare.com/files/8761762/tutorial-eng.rar
  2. Peak reverse voltage or simply means how high the voltage can be over a reverse biased diode. For instance, over a 1N4148 signal diode VRRM can be no higher than 100V. If you apply a higher voltage the junction will be damaged due to zener or avalanche effect. Two ratings who are important for a rectifier are IF (forward current) and VR (reverse voltage). As a non native English speaker I hope I've made myself clear.
  3. A rule of thumb I learned in school: Ure (voltage across emitter resistor) = 1/10 Uv (power supply voltage) Uce (voltage across collector-emitter) = 1/2*(Uv - Ure) Urc (voltage across collector resistor) = 1/2*(Uv - Ure)
  4. Please beware, it's not a free service
  5. I guess you will have to live with that. When you take a closer look at the specs (page 3) you will see that the zero-code error is between 1mV and 9mV.
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