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  1. Thanks Audioguru..

    I have found the actual HBTs in use in the VCOs.Si-Ge and InGa HBTs are there..

    Those who wish to see can have a look at the following links..They will be helpful.Rather too many companies from Japan and Canada are into the business !

    www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/ eng/prd/pdf_presen/hfreq_VCO_200502_e.pdf -
    www.eepn.com/Locator/Products/ ArticleID/30886/30886.html

    Good Luck !

  2.   Thanks Ante & tnk2k
    This means, a mobile jammer exists.It is portable and can be used as a handset like any other mobile handset.

    Is there any area which needs to be improved? Any innovation.....?
  3. Thanks Ed..
    Jammers must be using too much power then, to operate !
    Well do the different types of antenna also have their individual properties? Which one is the best and mostly used?


  4. hi all,

    Could anybody please elaborate how a jammer actually works? Does it have a particular bandwidth of operaton or it jams all the frequencies in a particular region?

    Also, if an antenna is a transmitting device what happens to a signal which is at the limit of the antenna capacity distance? It gets jammed or is unpredictable?


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