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  1. Does anyone know how to build the DAC with 0808?? Thx in advace,
  2. I'm getting stuck for a month....coz my lecturer told me to add the filter... i mean that the image must be 'normalized' first before it can be processed.. Image-->Filter-->PC eg. :The light in the indooor room is 5 lamp, so if the camera capture the image in the room that has 10 lamp-->image must be normalized based on the room that has 5 lamp....(reduced brightness and contrast) I already found the filter to reduced it, like histogram equalization; edge detection; but how to implemented it in real time image processing?? ???
  3. What the best method : 1. Single Camera (Monocular) 2. Double Camera (Stereo) to measure distance between mobile robot and obstacles?? (can it possible with camera???) ??? should i capture / sampling the picture(jpeg or bmp) from the video (fps-->frame/second).....i mean the filtering process should in pictures or video.... :-\
  4. Thx a lot.. But i'm still confused about image processing in it.... What algoritm should i use to avoid the barrier (obstacle avoidence)? Bcoz the camera didn't know if the barrier in front if it or not? (only 2D)...... so the next quesion--> how we can measure the distance between camera and the barrier?(coz the data only in picture or video)............i'm just using camera sensor......
  5. I want 2 use a web-cam...so the robot can avoid the barrier or wall. Block Diagram: Web Cam-->Microcontroller-->Servo Motor I'am really confused about interfacing....from web-cam to microcontroller..... can anybody help me...... ???
  6. Hi...can anybody help me in my final project... I want to build a tracking robot with image processing censor... I mean this robot can mapping the area... First the robot explore the area...it can sense the wall or barrier with image censor not with IR or ultrasonics... then after it finished, the data can be render to 3D in computer....
  7. i want to design downloader for 89s52 via USB port i'm really confused 'bout thiz ??? does anyone know how to build it + schematics ??? pls... thx
  8. Could somebody tell me, how to design timer w/ 74LS02? thx
  9. Does anyone know about diz IC UL2003 ? coz i've sometrouble 'bout diz... i've already know the datasheet but i don't understand it .... PS : i want to convert the outport from microcontroller (5V dc) to 12V (DC motor)
  10. Oh I get it... Can u tell me where the schematics of IR distance / optocoupler ??? Coz I hav a trouble with the output voltage, the output was variation beetween 0-5 voltage not exactly 0v or 5v....
  11. Thx, but i don't use ic optocoupler. I means not exactly optocopuler but "distance sensor" which consist LED infrared and phototransistor. I'm really confused.......can i get some tutorial...... pls.... ???
  12. hi! i'm a newbie here. could u please tell me about optocopler ??? with shematics diagrams..... PS : I'm using 2s28 optocoupler thanx
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