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  1. I made updated circuit yesterday and it works :) . Now I have one little problem. Why the shown voltage is 50* larger than input voltage ? I can reduce it with 1K trimmer but it still shows 40* larger value of voltage at trimmer minimum.
  2. Hi again I've found this -> http://www.jaknato.cz/konstrukce/teplomer.htm . If you say that you can't measure voltage on the same power supply, how does this thermometer work ? There is no other power supply for transistor PN junction. It's everything in one. I just only need to know if it's possible to make circuit which can measure itself? I want to make thermometer with LM35DZ sensor (same ground and voltage from power supply as
  3. I only need 18V and no adjusting. I'll set it and leave it on 18V
  4. Hi all. I have one simple question. Is this http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/032/index.html
  5. Thanks, I'll try to find something usefull. So why didn't you move the right schematic to the projects pages ? ???
  6. Hi I tried to build digital voltmeter but it doesn't work :'( . I tried two ICl 7107 and it still doesn't work. I have never do anything with CMOS ICs so a I don't know if the IC is bad. ??? . I have done it on test board with schematic from http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/014/ . Everything is feeded by old AT PC voltage supply. Only change I've done is change of 2K trimmer for 2k5 trimmer because I can't buy 2K trimmer
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