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  1. Oh yeah series circuit basics. Ooops...So the other voltage drop would be 33.3 Vdc. Now the smallest the Resistor value before turn off would be 33.3 divided by .006 5550 Ohms......Am I right? Resistor tolerences are not factored in. Thanks Audioguru
  2. Hey I'm a ;Dtech student in need of some help. A 34V dc supply is applied to an SCR in series with a resistor, R. When the SCR is turned on, its Ih= 6mA, and V a-k= 0.7 V. What is the minimum value of R before the SCR can turn off? Rmin=_______ohms rounded to the nearest hole number. Do I just divided 34V by 0.006 Amps or would that be the Max value... Confused??? Any help would be great...
  3. I've got it figure out. The Q was throwing me off. As far as I know the Q-point is on the dc load line if I'm not mistaken. This stuff doesn't get any easier thats for sure.
  4. Well it didn't take me long to get stumped again. The only formulas I have for ICQ & VCEQ need a VBB. With this circuit there is no VBB, am I right? Any help would be great. We're not using any curve charts or data sheets, just formulas, which are not in my text book. Q is queiscent. ??? Determine: a.) ICQ (in mA) (Without using Vb= VccxR2/(R1+R2)) <---voltage divider b.) VCEQ (in Volts) Regards.... :D
  5. The closest I've been to Sweden is IKEA. I'm from Ontario. First year Tech student with out a clue whats going on in Electronics class! I'm looking for all the help I can get. It turns that I just left out the Vbe. I've fixed the diagram. So now because there is no current through Rb -> Vce = VCC approx.... I'm still thinking about the next two parts. I'll check back tommorrow after some more reading. Thanks everyone for the help so far. ;D
  6. Thanks guys. And Yeah we use 0.7 V (silicon) for Vbe Oops sory :-\
  7. This is my first post here so go easy on me. I'm a electrical tech student who is just starting out. I'm stumped on this question... For the circuit shown, Vcc = 14 V, BetaDC = 162, and Rc = 543 Ohms a) Vce (in Volts) when Vin = 0 V b) the min value of Ib (in uA) required to saturate the transistor assuming Vce(sat) = 0 V c) the max value of Rb (in kohms) for saturation operation if V in = 2.9 V I'm not asking for anyone to do my home work here I just need some feedback so that I can wrap my head around this stuff so one day I can be answering these types of question with ease. Thanks in advance.. ;D
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