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  1. not exactly just thought itd be cool
  2. does anyone know where i could get a free visual basic i need to make some programs
  3. is it possible to use elctrto magnets to compact snd i mean with crushing force and keeping it compacted with ions or someone while away from the magnet is there a way to make it magnetic working off of several really big caps and coils maybe more stuff
  4. does any one have e-books for this mag
  5. batt i copied the schem out of Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius
  6. do u have to solder on the copper traces on the back of a pcb yourself or do they come with it(im a newbie)
  7. neater(its a light dependent night light)
  8. ok i know how to read schematics but i dont know how to transfer it into wires i need to know where i connect wires for the pic shown
  9. Can anyone upload an e-book on electromagnetic lenier accelerators(coil guns) it would be greatly appreaciated :)
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