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  1. Try the following links: http://www.123industries.com/fr/annuaire/annuaire-liste.asp?sfamille=17&ssfamille=201&IDChaine=&famille= http://www.sharelook.fr/economie_et_entreprises/branches/electronique.html http://www.lithos.fr/ http://www.europages.fr/cgi/epq.cgi?L=fr&TP=chimie%20et%20pharmacie&HC=14572F There are a lot more hits on Google / french pages. ;) Bonne chance! 8)
  2. I ended up purchasing it from the head office in Toronto. ::) +90$ for it. :o They have 4 or 5 of those manuals in stock, in case someone else is interested. Cheers!
  3. Thanks rigdoctor. Up to now, my search has been without success. ::) Cheers! 8)
  4. Hey folks, I will be picking up a Hitachi oscilloscope this week-end, but they don't have any manuals with it. ::) Would anyone know where I could get my hands on these babies? Details: Hitachi V-1085, 100 Mhz, 4-Channel Oscilloscope Thanks for your time and assistance!
  5. Hello gang! Well, the Thai company never responded to my inquiry, and further allowed me to find a company in California who could provide two of those, but the price was a stagering $75.00 USD each, plus shipping charges. :o :o :o My wife comment was "Well, my dad will have to do without it". ::) Instead, I got a 40 Mhz counter on Ebay for 85$ Cdn. I'll have to check the power supply and see if it uses the supply cycle (50 - 60 Hz) for timming purposes. Should be eazy to fix. ;D Cheers,
  6. Hi Staigen, I believe I have found what my FIL requires, it is the ICM7216A from a company in Thailand: ICM7216DIPI - $18.28 USD each. CMOS 10MHZ UNIVERSAL COUNTER 8 BIT COMMON ANODE/LED DRIVER I even found an 18 pages data sheet which provides details to build a 10 or 40 Mhz frequency timer. Kind of neat. Thanks everyone for your assistance! Cheers! 8)
  7. Hello Staigen, all, I do not think it is a TI chip. Hehehe I think I did not explain myself properly in my earlier post. The translator was my wife, who provided the translation from Russian to English. I do not think she would like me to tell her age on the internet. ;) I do not think my FIL could come on line for 2 reasons: mainly because he only speaks Russian, and does not have the financial means to afford a PC or internet connection from home. Way too expensive for them over there. :-\ The chip is a digital IC and the information he provided was from looking at the chip he had in his hands: 28 pins, used as/for frequency counter. Following our conversation today, I did find some information that could possibly be the chip he is looking for. Here are a link below. Let me know if this could be it, please. ;D http://www.cirrus.it/pdf/232_2289.PDF I downloaded this PDF file and will be reading it thoroughly and try to find more details about this chip. It does seem to be the one: 28 pins, frequency counter. It is quite possible that the SN prefix was from the company who made the chip my FIL possess. Long saga.... ::) The things we do for family and friends. ;D Cheers! And thanks for your time and interest! 8)
  8. Sigh... It's me again. ::) We just got off the phone with my father-in-law. He is firm on the part number he has, but provided me with more information tho. :-\ He was holding the actual chip in his hand: 28 pins IC, SN7216A. :o From what he says, it is used to measure pulses (Wife's translation), so I assume it is some kind of digital frequency counter chip. He is quite the TV thinkerer kind of guy. His spare room at home looks like an electronics spare part depot. Hehehe So, I am off to research again and hopefully someone will have some clues where I can get my hands on this IC. Thanks again to all for your time and assistance. Serge ;D
  9. Mmmm... Looks like I will really need my FIL to verify his information correctly. Thank you very much!! More news later... :)
  10. Staigen: No need to worry about books or whatever. You are sick, so take care of yourself first! That is more important. :) aProgrammer: It is quite possible that my father-in-law fouled up the information when he passed it on to me. ;) We will be calling him tonight, I hope, to clarify the original information. The old chap was not home on the week-end. Take care, 8)
  11. Hi Staigen! It is a possibility then that the SN72 group did exist in earlier days. Hehe If you have that old manual, it would be appreciated, when you have time, if you would see if that SN7216 is listed there and what would be today's replacement part. :) If I could only find that book you refer to, that would be neat also. In recent days, I have found numerous web site that say they can provide/find old and discontinued IC, but none of them return a positive result. I'll see what comes out of the phone conversation with my father-in-law this week-end. Stay tuned for more. ;) Cheers!
  12. Hi folks! I have no idea who makes it or what it is used for. No information was available from my father-in-law. When asked what it did, his answer was "I was hoping you would know"!! Hehehe I will be calling him, well, my wife actually, I can't speak squat in Russian. LOLOL I'll see if I can get more details/info about this IC. Maybe he has a schematic that he could get my nephew to email to me, or something.... Now, the SN7416 does make a LOT of sense! Hex inverter! That would be very cool indeed! Those little guys are like 50 cents a piece. He want 2... Heck, at that price, I'll bring him a bag full!!! LOLOL Thanks guys for your time and input! More infor later.... Cheers!
  13. Greetings folks! Hope everyone is doing well. :) So, here's my first question to the group... ;) My father-in-law, who lives in Russia, is still looking for an IC. In fact, the last time I was there, 4 years ago, he was looking for that same part. When my wife talked to him last week, when asked if he wanted something, all he asked was this mysterious IC. So, the part number that he gave me, again, is the following: SN7216 I have done numerous searches, on various search engine, but have had negative results so far. Any ideas where I could find out more info about this baby? Cheers and thanks,
  14. Sorry Ante, the fonts formatting really messed up the reply in Swedish. Unless it is just from my end. :) Serge
  15. MIS is for manager of information systems, ie: computers. ;) In my case, I manage Unix and VMS systems on Alpha platform. it's fun and keeps me busy, but I am ready to retire now. Had enough of the bureaucratic silines that I have to put up with on a daily basis. Hehehe... Come on retirement!! ;D
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