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  1. I live in ahmedabad which is in gujarat state Now can u tell me is there any dealer for maru in my city or near me
  2. yes another transformer heat is only 5-10% of the heat of the the first one but the faulty transformer was still working and giving good voltage even it is short it is possbile.
  3. i have open one of the charger i found no ic in it but just a small transformer and 1 or 2 transistor. and other components. thats it. i donot know how much ripple is there in the ouput of charger as i don't own cro.
  4. i think this is the problem so how to check the transfomer quality in my city the quality is poor most of the times is there any method to check transformer quality I tested my ckt without load and even without regulator ckt only transformer was kept on and i observed that 70-80% percentange of heating was due to transformer itself.
  5. my ckt required only 200mA at 5.1V and transformer rating says 9Vac 500mA
  6. how to reduce transformer heating how to take away heat from the transfomer as we use heatsing for transistors is this possible with transformer My ckt needs [email protected] i have used 9Vac transformer 500mA rating on its box i cann't say how much it can deliver. Now i am drawing only 200mA even though it is heating.
  7. 8) It is better if u include the size and the language in which the magazine is it would be better
  8. may be these can work: www.elektrotekno.com www.AvaxHome.ru www.elektor-electronics.co.uk www.elektor.de http://www.elektor-electronics.co.uk http://www.elektor.de or this ebook password cracker software can work ;) eBook-RAR-Cracker-v3.rar
  9. how can i buy such modules can you send me some pics or similart things so i can get a idea i am also going to open one charger of my mobile phone so i can get more ideas
  10. i have done that in very good manner using TSOP1738 as reciever and a IR led driven by NE555 as transmitter. now to send signals you just have to connect the reset pin of NE555 to Tx of 89c51 and that it and write a simple test program. now TSOP1738 is costlier then simple ir-photodiode but 1738 has many features like noise immunity, IR light intensity variation won't affect your link only decreases or increases the range...... Now we know we cannot achieve this we IR-photodiode so i have looking for nice ckt to work with using photodiode..... which is not just amplifier or comparator..........
  11. this RF reciever was in car alarm, how unreliable can be this reciever, i have got a 433Mhz module which is PLL and crystal controlled actually i want to ask how reliable this reciever can be...
  12. if you are totally unknown then u can also go for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switching_power_supply
  13. Guru Can you provide me some guidance for designing such a supply even some good links can help me...........Smallest possibe............ zak4000 can know what are these from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switching_power_supply
  14. i have little idea that this can be done by two methods 1> Tansformerless design 2> Switching power supply design now i want to have very small transformer or no transformer at all
  15. i have started a google group and I invite you there this group is for games, especially for those who have slow PC like PIII or PII or celeron or similar and low end graphics card or use onboard graphics cards which comes with motherboard http://groups.google.co.in/group/game4slowpc post here few links and start some discussion
  16. and what is use of capacitors and when and how it will give outputs. i.e when it recieves 433mhz signals
  17. now after this stage in the ckt we have a stage using opamp this configuration of opamp is also confusing can u help me on this.
  18. compare to 900mhz or 2.4ghz radio modems 433mhz and 315mhz are more cheaper and easily available.
  19. and the first L and 5pf capacitor makes the tank ckt to select 433Mhz
  20. this was used in car alarm reciever 433Mhz, plz help me how this thing work
  21. I want to make serial communication between two microcontroller using IR. but i donot want to use IR reciever moudels (from vishay) instead i want to use simple IR led as transmitter and IR photo-diode as reciever. to decrease the cost.
  22. how much curret ur 12v device uses if it is using less current (<500mA) then u can use ULN2003 to control that device it is very easy to use with controller. if it is less then 1A then u can connect two or three ouput of uln2003 for more current. Solid state switch are better than relay for lesser current.
  23. can any one suggest me equivalent of these these are not avliable in my city. Si9410DY MTD20N03HDL ZTX694B thanks in advance
  24. Can any one suggest a Circuit for getting 3-5V DC @50mA from 230V AC without transformer or any other ways.
  25. I have a battery backup system with 6V SLA(lead acid) battery, But few ckts work on 12V which are used rarely. but they are important. so how do i get it. I know I need step-up DC-DC converter I will be glad to know the chips and links to their datasheets. I have gone through h**p://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/030/ but i need more
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