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  1. can i turn the series connection of the batteries to a parallel so i don't have to use a switch cos' i can't quiet lay my hands on a switch now. also can i use an 7808 so that i can get more current?
  2. thanks again but you just brought up another question what s the 220 resistor doing acrosss out and ground of the LM317 as well as the diode? i have ideas but i don't want to speculate i want someone who knows to tell me.
  3. hey thanks so much cjk2 that was a whole lot of help. you've met my needs. let me ask this if the 10ohm resistor and the 100/1w pot were removed then the 7805 would act as a constant voltage source right? i.e it's the presence of the variable reistor that makes the 7805 act as a constant current source rather than a constant voltage source?
  4. hi i'ld like to know what the two 100nf capacitors around the 7805 regulator are ment for and if anyother similar value can be used. also if a put the probes of a multimeter across the points where the batterys should be with the circuit powered, should i expect to read the same value of current that the current meter in the circuit would read if the batteries were connected? i ask because i couldn't lay my hands on a current meter and i want to know if there is another way to measure the current entering the batteries.
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