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  1. Hey Fellas. I found the plans for this thing a while ago (O.K. a week) and it looked like fun so i built it and it smoked. My fault though. I did it on one of those generic solder proto-boards and i am sure i did it wrong. Anyhow, I salvaged what I could, bought what I couldn't, and tried my hand at laser printer toner transfer PCD etching. SUCCESS! After a little messing around, it works. I am thrilled. Yeah, I get 2A instead of 3, and a lot of ripple up there, I know, but I will do the mods you have here (already got the tip31 and some of the resistors) Now all I need is one of those fancy boxes to put it in and a digital meter. I may incorporate the simple TTL supply as well. Thanks Ipso-Facto for all the help in this thread, audioguru and everyone. CmAn;D
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