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  1. this circuit is IR remote toggle switch this circuit is i use protel 99 SE do 1 but i duno how to find the relay footprints >at inside u can see RLY at there this RLY is relay but i use inductor . because i duno use relay component . who can help me check this circuit and footprints at protell 99SE R1=47K assign.rar
  2. I know at protel got many demo >but I cannot use inside 1 >me need 1 complete circuit but cannot use project at protel 1>i need another circuit > can u help me this circuit need got footprint and more then 25-35 component
  3. hi >>> can help me ? can u help me find 1 more complete circuit and need 25-35 component with all footprint to me ?i at website cannot find that .can u help me . i need using protel 99 to do this circuit .but i not want the demo at the protel 99. can u help me find then send to me or give me website>> [email protected] \ plsssssssssss Thanks
  4. can all help me pls?My lecture want me do 1 more schematic at protel 99 software.this complete cricuit must want got 25-35 more component and must all footprint .i at website find many times liao but also cannot find it..who can give me the website or help me find 1 more complete cricuit to me then send to my hotmail box>>>[email protected] Pls help meeeeeeee thanks
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