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  1. I just came across a post from you dated 2006 where you linked to tons of ebooks about PICs and microcontrollers. All those links are gone,and now I search on the "usual venues" and come up with tons of ebooks for RasPi and Arduino, I already have those. Most I purchased them myself on HumbleBundle. but I can find none of these classics from a decade or two ago. I'm specially interested in the ones related to PICBASIC. Got any hints of where to look for them? Maybe a RAR megapack uploaded somewhere? or a torrent? You're my last hope... TIA

  2. From what I have seen they use pulse transformers to trig from a lower voltage to achieve simultaneous response.
  3. If the inverter is dead, check the SMD fuse on the inverter board.
  4. Did you find any fluid leaks during the cleaning of the tubes? Are you sure you got it back together the correct way after cleaning?
  5. Omni, you look kind of young and unfocused (on your avatar) to be a tube mechanic! ;D
  6. If someone else does your homework you will never learn the stuff yourself! Does this make any sense to you?
  7. Thanks Walid! I miss May and June of 2007, you don
  8. Hi Jeff, One of these should do it: http://www1.uk.conrad.com/scripts/wgate/zcop_uk/~flNlc3Npb249UDkwX0NPUF9VSzpDX0FHQVRFMDU6MDAwMC4wMTI2LjlhYjI3ODYzJn5odHRwX2NvbnRlbnRfY2hhcnNldD1pc28tODg1OS0xJn5TdGF0ZT0xMjYxMjE4Nzk3====?~template=PCAT_AREA_S_BROWSE&mfhelp=&p_selected_area=%24ROOT&p_selected_area_fh=&perform_special_action=&glb_user_js=Y&shop=UK&vgl_artikel_in_index=&product_show_id=&p_page_to_display=DirektSearch&~cookies=1&zhmmh_lfo=&zhmmh_area_kz=&s_haupt_kategorie=&p_searchstring=&p_searchstring_artnr=187151&p_search_category=alle&r3_matn=&insert_kz=&area_s_url=&brand=&amount=&new_item_quantity=&area_url=&direkt_aufriss_area=&p_countdown=&p_80=&p_80_category=&p_80_article=&p_next_template_after_login=&mindestbestellwert=&login=&password=&bpemail=&bpid=&url=&show_wk=&use_search=1&p_back_template=&template=&kat_save=&updatestr=&vgl_artikel_in_vgl=&titel=&darsteller=&regisseur=&anbieter=&genre=&fsk=&jahr=&jahr2=&dvd_error=X&dvd_empty_error=X&dvd_year_error=&call_dvd=&kna_news=&p_status_scenario=&documentselector=&aktiv=&p_load_area=$ROOT&p_artikelbilder_mode=&p_sortopt=&page=&p_catalog_max_results=10
  9. Sorry, that looks like a custom made IC!
  10. I would go for a Li-Po since they are light weight and small for a handheld device like this. Perhaps it is a good idea to use a replacement battery for a cell phone, they are nice and compact. The one I have got in my cell is 6 x 39 x 65 mm 3.6Volts and 1200mAh 26g as an example. ;)
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