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  1. Thanks Audioguru. Maybe it's better to stay with original setup and mods for it. But I have to use BD243A transistors to place of TIP31A:s. Second change I have to go is 3,9k resistor, 1W version isn't available, so, they give me a 5W version.
  2. Is there any possibilities to use lower voltage transformer for lower voltage outputs? I have a 3.2Amps rated transformer with following outputs: 13.4V, 19.2V, 26.0V and 31.9V. So, I think if it's possible to use lower voltage outlet so PSU will produce less heat. If that's not possible, then i propably use 24V 3A toroidal transformer and save that special transformer with some other projects. Sorry my bad English skills.
  3. Anybody have Servicemanual to that television? Its teletext isn't working and when it's shutted down, there are blue spot/line in middle of the screen with some "flaming effect", I don't know how explain it.. Second problem is some "popping" sounds, is it possible that its capacitors are popping? But there's no that ugly smell of exploded capacitor, so that popper can be something more worriable thing? Third problem is RGB input, in RGB mode the picture is 2-3 centimeters (abt.1 inch) in the left and first character of subtitling is cutted or fully out of visible screen. Nobody have servman to that or even schematics? ???
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