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  1. Hope this is the right forum. Background: I have an IBM T20 ThinkPad laptop. This Laptop apperently has a glitch according to the IBM site which really offers no practical solution. I left the laptop off but connected to the AC over night. this fully charged the battery or according to IBM over charged the battery. Because of this the laptop has not been able to BOOT. the little battery light comes on (green) but thats about it. Googling on the net has revealed that this is a common problem and the solution is to wait three to four weeks for the battery to discharge. After that i would have to be puling out the power cable before shutting down the laptop and let the battery completely discharge. Problem: I can't wiat three weeks because i have got a enough deadlines in between and all my work is on the laptop. I am in Africa, Zambia, Lusaka and getting a new batter will take just as long...three weeks so i am outrightly smacked for a solution. Battery: IBM Li-lon 10.8V 3.6AH Possible quick Solution: For me its unfortunately finding a way to quickly discharge the battery. Question is - is there a way i can do that.
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