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  1. can any one help me in giving the derivation of surface recombination velocity in a semiconductor s=sqrt(Dp/tp)
  2. i worked with labview version 7 by national instruments but i know only a few basic operations in it tell me u r area of work i may help u if i can
  3. rearding semiconductors where is fermi level located in an intrinsic,p type,n type semiconductors and why?
  4. when we measure the voltage across 2 terminals of a diode using a multimeter what does it show ? similarly with any 2 terminals of transistors what does these indicate??
  5. the arrow mark in the symbol of a transistor/jfet indicates the conventional direction of hole current but why does mosfet have symbols opposite i.e.,in symbols for npn transistor and n channel fet why arrow diections are different
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