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  1. havnt been here for ages :o anyway, ive finished this project (almost) lol, and i dont hav a 39pF cap so i used a 56pF metallized caps for now, works ok... you might need a preamp on the output as well you only need 4 100nF ceramic caps what are the 180nF and 100nF metallized caps for? you dont need high voltage caps as the project only needs 2x 9v (or about that) batteries to run
  2. wow, i never know that a power cord could be used as an aerial. How is that done and how are earphone made in to an aerial?
  3. Hi, i've got a small PIR module with 3 leads:- Output, V+ and Gnd Its output is a logic output, it goes high when it senses movement or IR or something. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make a simple transmitter and receiver that can... well transmit a signal from a logic signal and receive it and convert it back into logic? Operating voltage of module is 4.7 - 12Vdc
  4. http://www.sound.westhost.com/projects.htm Great for audio stuff ;D ;D My fav. project is this http://www.sound.westhost.com/project117.htm ;D ;D ;D ;D Probebly never make it.... :( Tooooo expensive :( :( :( :'(
  5. How do i convert K/W in to C/W? (Thermal Resistance)
  6. Yeah, that might be ok... do you have a picture of it?
  7. Does any one have a large heatsink with a thermal resistance of 0.4C/W (0.6C/W most)? Length needs to be 260mm+
  8. Hi, does anyone know any PCB Manufacturers that DON'T requare the customer to be a proper company?? Plz Help....
  9. And these? Black FR4, FR5, CEM1, CEM3, PTFE, Polyimide, Mixed Builds, Aluminium Substrates, Copper Core PCB and PTH? Whats the Finished Copper Weight?
  10. In the screenshot theres a material type for PCBs: FR4, FR2 and other... whats the difference? And whats the difference of finish: Hot Air Solder Level, Nickel Gold and Silver?
  11. Does any one have a large heatsink with a thermal resistance of 0.4C/W (0.6C/W most)? Length needs to be 260mm+
  12. In the UK, or were i live MSN is more popular.... MSN Live does have nudge and save (saves every time you close the conversation window) Might also be the fact that i installed it OVER MSN 7.5....
  13. So you have Linux OS i guess.... 8)
  14. You could have googled "aim ad remover" (no line things) but anyway... heres the site to dowload it from for what version you have http://jon8rfc.homeip.net/aim/adremoval/
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