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  1. Im just studying for my electrical engineering degree and that's the kind of things im learning at the moment. Thanks for the link but it all looks the same as in my book. I guess im having trouble reading between the lines for the formula to this question. This is my last class and I thought it was going to be an easy one...Oh what a fool I am..haha
  2. The W1,W2,L1 and L2 are widths and lengths of the depletion region of a Mosfet transistor I believe. I guess you are supposed to be able to find the voltage gain by this information plus something im missing im assuming.
  3. Does anyone have a clue how the find the voltage gain from this question? Im totally clueless. For a depletion-load amplifier, let W1-80um, L1=4um, W2=8um, and L2=32um. Body-effect X=0.2. Thanks for any help...
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