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  1. ohh ...my bad .. Sorry audioguru i i thoght i typed LM2931 . ( then the above post corrected instady of LM2903 just placed LM2931 ) . still i dont think i can get what u told me 78L05 or 7805 i will try to get one . but is there any way to use ur Fm with out voltage regulator ?
  2. audioguru am building ur fm project but still i coundt get LM2903 so i think it use to make the supply voltage stable when the battry getting down ? so can i try with out LM2903 but with the new battry for instant ? and what should i do with that capacitors they are in parrallal to use LM2903 . please tell me the correction to get full working of ur Fm with out LM2903 . thanks again
  3. thanks for fast replay and one more help again . i cound not find 2931 in my area can I use 2903 which have 8 pin and if i can use it plz tell me which pin i have to use to put in in place of 2931? thanks again
  4. Audioguru C1 and C3 = 330N I got only one 330N cab I replace the other one with like 470 n or should I have make the same capacitor for both please help me to solve shortage of one 330N cap . and LM2931 is it the switch ? to break the +ve tterminal ? cose i saw the ground wire conncted with it accourding to ur diagram i got kind of confused . just littel brife like always u do fast and remarkable help . thanks so much
  5. PLEASE SEND me sony 240 DCR-TRV camcoder service manual . thanks so much email me [email protected]
  6. Thanks again Audioguru please coudnt get this “15:1 attenuator with 2 (mono) or 3 (stereo to mono) resistors" could you show me the picture and I will try to find from my old junks. Or I got some circuit on the net to change Dynamic microphone to electret microphone Do u think it works perfect? And I don
  7. Thanks so much your sweet help. u are generous .I am thinking to change voltage to 6 v camcorder battery (rechargeable) I hope it doesn
  8. Thanks for fast replay audioguru . As u said I did try with the other fm transmitter with 2n2222 it does work well . The prob is I couldn
  9. audioguru I am trying to build ur fm transmitter i have one prob i coudnt find more than one 2N3904 (in my place ) but i Have 3 pices 2N2222 . does it make much different with the ur project if i use one 3904 and the rest 2222 ? please help me thanks .
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