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  1. Hello, i would like to buy existing/custom made controller for 10 x 3 (RGB) Luxeon Star 1W with the data: Technical Specifications from Datasheet: Power Dissapation: 1W Forward Voltage: 2,85V LED Current (If): 350mA two independant rails where you can set the levels (colours) independently or joint togheter. The other not required whish is to pre-set different settings who can be altered, saved and selected for the two "zones". Another whish is to be able to select some kind of chase-mode for either all or the two zones. Touch-buttons with some kind of displaydevice who shows the current level (0-255) i preferable to "blind pot" operation. IF pot is YOUR option, i would like to have optimal resolution on it. The controller must be able to drive 10 RGB (30x 1W) spots of Luxeon leds. Any ability to remote control the device will be nice (and paid for). Regards Andreas Allberg
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