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  1. Agree. I want to make it a CV/CC PSU.
  2. Since the D8 ref voltage is also used in U3, why don't we put a filter before U3-P3?
  3. indulis, R9 slows down the discharge of C4, but it allows the U2-pin3 to be pulled down faster. Without R9, the circuit has to wait until C4 is fully discharged before entering current limit mode.
  4. Wouldn't D10 clamp the E-B junction and R16 voltage to 0.7V if there is reverse bias?
  5. Let me correct my question. My question is: If I do not need the protection circuit consists of D10, R15 and Q1, can I drive Q2 directly with output of U2?
  6. May I remove R19? Would this cause an problem?
  7. hi AG, 1. How to decide the value of R9? Why don't we use 10K or 470R? 2. What's the purpose of C5? How to calculate the value? 3. Is C9 used to improve the stability of U2? 4. Can I connect output(pin6) of U2 to base of Q2 (bypass R15)? If not, why? 5. If the system should be grounded, which part of the circuit should connect to ground as well?
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