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  1. Okay now i have a new problem... TIME. I need a circuit installed by Thurseday. Is there any place i can buy a led cicuit board? I know xoxide does, but there shipping is killer. $10 standard shipping for a small pcb board with circuits. Anyway i need Help ASAP thanx!
  2. Okay I think i get5 the poitn og making an led circuit but i still have a few questions: 1. For the 555 timer do i need to get a 8 or 14 pin 2. What kind of wire should i use? 3. What is the clock for, and what is it called? 4. Can i get all of this stuff at radioshack?
  3. Okay im a ..::n00b::.. whennit comes to what i wanna do, so i need ur guys help. Basically Im making a 8 Led Chasing cicuit, i saw ur guys diagram for 10 leds http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/motor_light/028/ <----There and i was wondering, can i use those same parts to do an 8 led circuit, or would i have to replace a few parts with different ones to do 8 instaed of 10. Thanx guys! -buttface96
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