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  1. Hey guys, Do any of you know how I can print PCB layouts from Eagle Layout Editor as a negative so the traces are transparent? Thanks, Nick
  2. So changing that resistor value doesn't mean you can have dozens of them running around?
  3. Sorry to bring this up again, but I may have found a correct schematic for those micro recievers you are talking about. It even seems to explain how the frequency can be changed by swapping out a particular resistor in the oscilator (spelling?) I may be wrong, but I think with this data sheet it would be possible to build some hobby radios with a wide variety of frequencies. It is also possible that it is missing some important information as I am not quite an electronics wiz. Nick tx2c_and_rx2c_data_sheet.pdf
  4. Hello audioguru, I have seen some of those planes as well. The only reason I was hoping someone would be able to help me with this one is because it has four channels and (I think) the frequency can be changed so you can have numerous radios functioning in a small area. I'm sad to hear that it's missing important information, but I guess thats life. Oh well, onto my next project Thanks again, Sengo
  5. Hey everyone, I found this schematic a long time ago and always wanted to build a few radios for micro airplanes and such. The only problem is that I don't really know much about it. When I read the material that went along with it my hopes of building it were dashed when he said he left some of the design aspects up to the individual reading it. Can anyone here help me complete the circuit so it is usable? I hope this document will be viewable because I think its really amazing if it can be made to work. Thanks, Sengo MINIATURE_RC.pdf
  6. Cool, I mispoke about the cap I meant 470nf, heh. And thankyou for clearing up my problem with the pot. I was thinking the whiper was the pin that had no resistance change when turning the knob. Nick
  7. Thanks audioguru, I ordered my parts and am just waiting for the 450nF cap to arrive. I started wiring it up and now I have a question about the 10K Pot. I don't have a schematic so I'm working from the PCB design given on the projects page. What I would like to know is the whiper on the pot wired to cap3 or to the input? Please excuse my poor visual representation of my question..... 10K 10K input + ----/\/\/\---- input - -or- cap3---/\/\/\---input- ^ ^ l l cap3 input+ I've been reading some of the other topics on this forum and would just like to say this website is awesome, very informed and helpful people who don't mind explaining things to beginners. Thanks, Nick
  8. Hello, I want to mess around with the 10w mini audio amp as a tiny guitar amp just for the hell of it. I was wondering what type of capacitors the 470nf and 100nf capacitors were. I read a webpage where a gentleman used one of the store bought audio amps to do this so I thought it would be a neat project. Thanks, Nick
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