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  1. the value I am looking about 3Amp DC. Do you guys have schematic diagram for the current sensor
  2. Hi guys, I want to build a current monitor/sensor like the voltage monitor, and I can set the current limit I want. Can anyone help me and give me a diagram. Thanks.
  3. I'm still looking for the parts number that I can use in my circuit. Please give me an example what kind of photo diode I should use, thank you.
  4. typing mistake....I mean I use KID and KIE. but not working. I am confused that what part number I should use....
  5. Hi guys, I tried to build a park-aid and I am looking for the parts for Infra-red Led and Photo Diode. I used a KIE-7305-1P and KIE-7304-1P. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Can you guys please give me the part number for those diodes, thank you? :-[
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