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  1. Looks good, but would this work on a battery module with 6 1.2volt cells? Do you have anything on a battery reconditioner.
  2. I have about 30 of these batteries. I was hoping to take the design and make duplicates of it.
  3. The battery module is in an atmosphere monitor, if I open the battery module it voids the explosion proof requirements of the unit. I have not taken one of the modules a part yes, but I have been told that there is resistors and other components in the module to make it safe in an explosive inviroment
  4. I am trying to make a NICAD battery charger / reconditioner. The battery specs are 6 1.2 volt cells 600 milliamp hour capacity. I am looking for a design that will discharge the battery module to 6.6 volts and then recharge the battery. I would like it do this cycle for a adjustable amount of cycles. I would love to have an milliamp hour meter to tell me what the actual discharge was to compare it with the battery specs. These battery modules are used in a atmosphere monitor which most people in the plant leave on charge contantly or they use it for a short period of time and then place it back on charge. The battery modules that I am trying to recondition are $90.00 each. I would like to be able to save as many of the modules as possible. If anyone has any ideas or advice please let me know.
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