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    Hello, I am new to computer programming. I would like to know the best way possible to start learning scripting. But I am confused with too many and different suggestions on the web. Could any of you with good experience with self learning share some info on this please ? I would also like to know if 'C' programming is a must know for me to start off with scripting. thanks, much in advance
  2. Hello, How do you calculate the CFM requirement of a FAN to cool a Heat sink ? I am making a small cool box using peltier elements. Thanks
  3. Hello, I work with some stand alone battery chargers for a project. I have some doubts on the discharge part of the Li-Ion battery. Generally we disconnect the battery from the load based on voltage sensing. My doubt is that Is there a concept called as current sensing also in the discharge mode ? For example: like a battery is only allowed to discharge for a defined time in this current and this could help in increasing the life time of the battery ? I just happened to hear this from somewhere and am not so sure if this is correct. I googled around a lot and still not arrived at a conclusion ??? ========================================================== In the charging mode we generally look at the current rather than the voltage to cut off charging process. ========================================================== If any of you came across this topic, Please share your experience. regards, Pier
  4. Thanks AG for the reply. Any ways of measuring this gate charge ? Regards, Pier
  5. Hello, While checking the N Channel Mosfet. I put the multimeter in the Beep mode (continuity mode) Probing the -ve probe at the Mosfet Drain (tab), the +ve probe at the Source pin - the multimeter reads 500+ ohms which is the body diode I think. Then Still probing the -Ve on the Drain I touch the +ve probe on the gate for a moment and then probe it back on the source it shows a dead short. I don't know why this happens. Any body knows about this, please share. The mosfet I used is FDD13AN0 from Fairchild initially I tried the same with the: BUK919 from NXP NTD5867NL and a couple more and all show the same. Regards Pier
  6. I have a doubt regarding the charge-discharge cycle for Lithium-ion batteries. If the battery gets discharged to 50% and then charged to full, is it considered as one cycle? or if the battery gets discharged fully and gets charged again to full it is considered as one cycle ? Regards, Pier
  7. Hello, I need an equal replacement for the part number 2SK533. This device is used in a Flow control board which is gone bad. I need to replace this with an alternative part and many vendors say that this part is no more manufactured. If any one knows about this part please contribute. I am not able to find a datasheet for this part. All that I got is attached. datasheet2.pdf
  8. Hello, I am in search of some sheet which has the package details of smd resistors and capacitors. Some sheet which contains the package dimensions for a quick reference. Please share some resources you guys know about. Thanks Pier
  9. hello, I am looking for the thread where AG had posted a corrected schematic of the RGB mood lamp which seems to be missing. Could anyone help posting the schemaic again (or may be AG could). Thanks much in advance Pier
  10. Ok then I will increase the input voltage to about 18 or 19 volts. But I need to keep the battery at 13.55 as full charge condition, So I wanted to know wheather charging current automatically drops when voltage rises.
  11. I have a doubt. If I charge a 12 volt battery with a constant current regulator (120mA) using lm317, The CC regulator is powered from a 15 volt 2 Amp power supply. The battery is a SMF 12v/1.2Ah type. will the current reduce if the voltage in the battery increases ? I have attached a diagram for clarity on the configuration.
  12. I dont have a schematic because I bought it from an electronic store, The store owner told me that it could withstand Short ckt. I dont know how far its true. I think I would try the 100ohm power resistor.
  13. Hello all, I have a constant current driver 350mA with an O/P voltage of 40 Vdc, I want to know a way to test the driver without the leds.
  14. Hello, I am facing a problem in my circuit where I made it for switching of a light when the battery voltage reaches 10.55 volt. The battery is 12 volt 3.4Ah SMF type. The problem is: When the battery reaches 10.55 volt (roughly) the battery is disconnected from the load. When the battery is disconnected from the load the battery voltage rises a bit and turns on the relay again. This repeats and repeats. I don't know if the circuit I made is right. Could somebody help me to fix this ?
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