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  1. I've done that several times. I need a radial electrolytic cap. There are none available. I guess if i cant find one I could always use a ceramic, but I def don't want to use a smd cap.
  2. yes Im using the pcb. Im using batchpcb.com. Ive used them before, much better pricing than advanced circuits. and Ive looked on mouser and digikey for a 1uf 16v radial electrolytic capacitor and i haven't found them. I even looked under tantalum but the only ones they have are non stocked and have outrageous mins.
  3. Looking to build this http://electronics-diy.com/schematics/BH1417_fm_transmitter.htm I have found all the parts but two. I can't find a 1uf 16V electrolytic cap. Can anyone suggest where to find one or an alternative? I also can't find a Soshin GFWB3. THis is not as critical because It is not mandatory.
  4. I was on the electronics-diy website, and I noticed that there is two different schematics for the bh1417 chip. they look relatively the same, but what is the difference between the two?
  5. I'm making an ipod dock with an FM transmitter. (max2606) I finished the schematic, and I'm 99.9% sure it's correct. I just have 2 concerns. 1. the audio in that I'm using isn't grounded to anything, should I ground it? 2. does the battery circuit look right? do i need to add an additional ground or capacitor?
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