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  1. I have 2 cell phone chargers and 2 bluetooth headset chargers that I'd like to try and consolidate into 1 charger with 4 outputs. The good thing is all of the jacks are USB!
  2. You guys are the best. . .thanks to both of you for your time and thought about this Volume POT issue. I'll letchya know how it works out after I decide which direction I'm going . . . most likely I'll just get the part from Newark since, like I said, I'm new to electronics and I don't want to change the original design just yet ~ but I'm looking forward to making some mods on the next few that I build! Thanks again for your help ~ much appreciated!!!
  3. Thanks, Man! I'll order that puppy asap. . . So it's physically the same size and everything but it's 20k instead of 10k. . .what difference will that make if any? What if I wanted to put on a dial type pot or a slider type pot. . .what spec's are the crucial ones? I just think the knob sticks out too far and I'd like to try to keep it as compact as possible. Look forward to your reply and thanks again for your help!
  4. Hello! Anyone know where I can find a DS14C88 Quad CMOS Line Driver without paying $6 or more for shipping for a .83 cent part? It seems wherever I find the rest of the parts, they don't have this or vice versa??? I'm trying to build this: Found a DS14C88 on EBay but the guy wants $6 for shipping. . .I mean, I know what the US Post Office charges!
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