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  1. r2 is 82ohms, also nothing is shorted ... maybe this will help .. c3 voltage is also 0, and c2 is 17.7V(but as you said, there's AC not DC )
  2. i replace d5 and d6, and nothing ... i measure as you said and i got the same measurement's ... that's d5 has 0v, r3, d7 has around 0,7v ... so i realy don't know now :( ... you think i should start all over again?
  3. well replacing D7 did nothing new ... so i measure the voltage on r2 where there is 17.7V, and on D5 there's 0V(?!) ... any ideas?
  4. ok i belive that diodes are dead or something, because on d7, theres 0.7V .. so i will replace them during the weak and then report again .. tnx!
  5. ..and what are the parts for negative voltage?
  6. r13 has ~34V ... and r14 has 0.8-0.9V ...
  7. Hi! exams are over, so i can finish the power supply now ... i think i located the problem and that is the voltage on q1, collector is 0.8~0.9V so i'm asking if that could be the problem( i have no output )
  8. well . . the output voltage of u2 is the same as before thats .. around 200mV and he's still very hot. The u2 is tl081
  9. hmm .. I replaced q4 and u2(q2 looks ok)disconeted the r15 but nothing happend... output was i bit higer that's all ... so the thing still doesn't work :D ... any new directions(maybe you draw me the solution :)). Tnx eemmm ... q4 C = 34V, E = 0,5V B = 0,5V
  10. helow! it's me again :) .. well i replace the Q2 and the u2(new one is still heating like mad) and now the output voltage is ~0.4V .. the voltage in q4 E,C and B is 32V+ ... so what is wrong now?
  11. ok .. will go and replace these componets and then report :) .. thx
  12. well ... i changed the orientation of the Q2( so that the emitor is pointing towards 8th pin( the base of Q4 ) ) and now the situation is following ... output voltage is 0.5V, u2 is still heating like mad ;), the voltage on Q2 collector is ~34V ... Q4 base volt. = 0,5V collector volt. = 34V Q3 emmiter volt. = 34V U2 output = ~200mV any directions?
  13. i do use 24 transformer. the 6pin on U2 shows ... 0V, and the Q2 shows 34V ... so you think that Q2 is destroyed?
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