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  1. we were asked by our professor to create the famous game minesweeper by using some logic gates and combinational circuits.. can anyone tell me where could I start? I have some qestions like: 1. how can I randomize the position of the mines... 2. how can I limit the mine production by only 25. By the way, this will be composed of a 10 by 10 array.
  2. a couple? what exactly is a couple... and for ante... yes this is the same person in light management system.. why?
  3. not sure... but i use it, just like how you say it, in setting grnd and vcc alternatingly to a led. i typically use this with a JK flipflop...
  4. can anyone give me some suggested about what could I use in counting the number of persons leaving and enetering a single door... what kind of sensors do you think i could use... and what ICs do you suggest I use? im really knew to electronics so anyone please?
  5. ok, it seems that no one really cares... atleast answer these question: 1. how will I be able to count the number of persons entering a door and leaving as well... some suggested IC's? 2. who cares?
  6. hello everybody, im new to creating electronic circuits.
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