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  1. ;D thank ,you is my best regard ,big big thank for you :-*
  2. ;D you mush have this tool [shadow=red,left]brower /hot air gun[/shadow] [shadow=red,left]solder 30 watt[/shadow] [shadow=red,left]box flasher like tornado or griffin[/shadow] [shadow=red,left]multitester [/shadow] [shadow=red,left]scematic of phone[/shadow] [shadow=red,left]skill for repair electronic [/shadow] hope this can help you .thank
  3. ;D help ,i need repair guide for ps1 , please help :'( thank for the repair guide ps2 ,is very good :-*
  4. hey ,friend ,try this and get what you need ,very usefull for repair mobile phone nokia ,updated 2006 8) here the site ,and say thank [move]http://www.lumeamobila.ro/manuale.php[/move] [move]http://gsm-magic.com/ArchitRaj/Schematics/Nokia/ [/move] [move]http://www.elektrotekno.com/viewforum.php?f=10 ebook elektro and mobile[/move]
  5. ;) wow ,very good colecsion . ;D thank . try it http://www.epemag.wimborne.co.uk/index.html elektronik magazine [move]:-* i love electronics-lab.com[/move]
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