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  1. Agilent E5070A ENA 3GHz 2 Port Network Analyzer (including option 213)Newly calibrated by Agilent September 2004. Still under warranty Still under warranty. The unit has Option 213 which provides two fully programmable test ports and a built-in S-parameter test set. Also included: Full set of four printed manuals, new genuine HP keyboard and wheel mouse, a brand new Agilent Instrument Handle Kit (installed) and a standard North American power cord. It has a big bright 10.4" color TFT LCD display. This unit has been upgraded to run Firmware Version 3.62, the most recent (May 21, 2004) version
  2. FOR SALE: Fluke 5500A Multifunction Calibrator (including option SC300) Package also includes MET/CAL & 5500/CAL, Crystal Reports and MET/BASE original software, as well as operating manuals and a standard North American power cord. Option SC300 is the 300 MHz cal option. The 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator is rugged, portable and covers a wide range of electrical calibration workload, including measurements of temperature and relative humidity. Calibrates multimeters, oscilloscopes(300MHz), thermometers (thermocouples & RTD), wattmeters, dataloggers, current clamps, recorders, and ot
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