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  1. Hi all, Since posting, I've found a very handy guide + circuit diagram detailing pretty much what I want to do. Here it is: http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/remotecontrolsimages/remotecontrolsckt5.shtml Problem is, you can only have up to 12 devices as (I assume) that's the number of DTMF tones available. Is there a similar or alternative way of doing this that would allow seperate receivers and hopefully many more than 12 receivers? Thanks
  2. I'm new to the forums so I'll say hi first :) - have been reading the rest of this section and it seems like a great place for a novice to learn! I've had a very small amount of experience with electronics, but have worked on software (Basic, PHP if anybody's familiar with those...) Onto my project... What I'd like to do is be able to remote control a circuit from a transmitter. In other words, a relay switch (correct me if I'm wrong) that would be operated by remote. I'd then eventually like to control the remote by a computer - it would be a piece of software by which you can control the devices. So, where do I start? I've been having a look around and imagine I'd need one of these -http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=22965&criteria=RF&doy=3m10 - but am not really sure how to build these into a circuit. Or how to use them. Any recommendations - books, diagrams, products? I want to start off with the basics here - even if I could control a simple switch by pressing some wires together at the other side of the room, that'd be a victory for me! Thanks for your time!
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