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  1. hi guys can any have the solution manual of the book "Signal and System" by oppenhiem and wilsky plzz upload it n give me the link its really urgent....!!
  2. Hi um hussain.. can any ony one provide me the ebook of the book "Introductory electronic devices and circuits" by:Robert.T.Paynter
  3. hi um hussain i need the data sheet of the transistor C828. if any one could help me.....!!!!!!!
  4. Hi I am Hussain....!! I am very confused with the biasing of a transistor ???. Can any one explain the complete proceedure of biasing a transistor what parameters are required and can we take any thing from the data sheet. especially the voltage divider bias circuit how can we specify the Q-point and the values of the resistors and obviously which transistor to use...
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