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  1. just takes input as a tone ranging from 1-10khz and giving BCD as output.
  2. i want to have an ic that takes the incoming analog frequency as an input and straight away giving the binary on its output pins.The range should be from 1khz to 20 khz.
  3. Thanks a lot.I purchased the ic ne567 and its cheap.Thanx a lot for ur assistance.I am recieving the output at controller 8051 input port and then passing it to the serial port. Thats really the coolest point of electronics related problems on internet. Thanx alot ELECTRONICS-LAB. Qasim
  4. No!You didn't understand my point.Basically i am doing this. I am going to make a Tracking system in which a person will pass through a walkthrough gate with a transmitter card.The card is having no power supply and i am using here the concept of crystal radio.The Walkthrough gate is having a high power transmitter and the card carried by the person is going to get its required power by that transmitter.Now one person is passing at the time.Each person is assigned a different tone at the same frequency as in case of mobile phones.Can u suggest any thing about this!
  5. actually i am making a tracking system in which each person is assigned a different tone say 10khz.12khz,14khz etc,but the carrier frequency should reamin same.In this case any frequency counter accepts a digital input and there is no one that has an analog one so is there any other way of doing this.I will recongnise the persons by their tone frequency.
  6. i want to decode a signal of 10khz send on a 88 Mhz(FM Carrier wave) but i cant find any frequency counter to count for me the coming frequency that gets the anlog input and gives digital output.Can Anybody suggest me any idea for this? I will be Much Greatful.
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