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  1. Hi there SILVERsound, and welcome to Electronics Lab :) How did you calculate the resistors? I belive they are totaly wrong, with maybe hte exeption of the colector resistors! ??? What are the amp used for? A guitar preamp? Have you measured the voltages on the transistors, I belive they are badly saturated. Oops, i belive I am tired, i did not saw that it is a guitar preamp! //Staigen
  2. Staigen

    IC tester

    Hi there Renero, velcome to Electronics Lab! :) Can you tell us more what you mean? If you mean a universal IC tester, that can test all types of IC:s I belive it is not possible. :( There are so many types of IC:s, digital and analog amongst others. But if you mean a simple tester for 741:s and their clones it is simple, just make an oscillator with a low frequency, and let the output feed a pair of leds. :) //Staigen
  3. I like to wish you all a Happy New Year ! :) //Staigen
  4. As title says, but i can borrow one from a friend, soon. //Staigen
  5. Happy Birthday Ante(Anders)!!
  6. Hi faraz nazir, welcome to this forum, nice to have you here ;D LT=Lamp Test, RBI=Ripple Blanking Input, RBO=Ripple Blanking Output Have you read the datasheet for 74LS47? A link is here: http://www.ee.washington.edu/stores/DataSheets/74ls/74ls47.pdf If you read the datasheet carefully you can surely figure it out! If you cant, then tell us! //Staigen
  7. Hi Then you should get an adequate ammeter, or at least shunt. It is usally the shunt that will broke. //Staigen
  8. Hi gogo2520 Sorry to inform you that you are wrong at a few of your values ??? 100nF=0.1uF, the voltage is right 330nF=0.33uF //Staigen
  9. Hi Zeppelin I use u instead of mju here:
  10. Hi balong, thats good! If everybody did this, this board would be much better! If you look just under the window you type in, you see the text "Additional Options..." , just click on that one and follow the instructions, its obvius what to do! Allowed file types: txt, jpg, gif, pdf, mpg, png, zip, rar! Maximum attachment size allowed: 10000 Kb //Staigen
  11. Hi ryanleung Maybee you should switch to FM instead, and at the same time have it pulsed at a somewhat higher current. A schematic would be fine. //Staigen
  12. Hi Audioguru Hehe, a switch always have at least 2 contacts(connections), else it can not perform its task! ;D ;D But i belive you mean poles(contacts) :) :D ;D //Staigen
  13. Hi helio905 This, i belive, you have to explain a little bit, and a little schematic would be nice too Staigen
  14. And a relay will complicate things, and a linear regulator will waste power. But, a swiched regulator will be just fine, but will complicate things too. Staigen
  15. Hey, those last five words wasn't there before! //Staigen
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