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  1. I am very appreciated if you can e-mail me the service manual of Sony Cybershot DSC-S75. My e-mail: nguyennamv[email protected] Thank you very much in advance. ElectronicsGeek
  2. I am fixing my Siemens S35 mobilephone battery circuit, and there is an IC in SC-70-5 package (5 pins) with number 9T0E (or 9TOE), anyone knows about this part and/or has its datasheet and can upload? Or if you know the signal at the D pin of the battery package (beside the +B and -B, total 3 pins). Thank you very much in advance. ElectronicsGeek
  3. In my opinion, in this circuit, you can use any low power schotky diodes or even low power high speed signal diodes. ElectronicsGeek
  4. What's a pity! Ante has helped everybody much, thank you very much. However, Mixos has to do what he does only. So, buddies, think of the solutions so all the newbies can be helped. nguyennam
  5. You need "Power Electronics Handbook", or look for any document with "snubber" and "thyristor" keyword, both using "google". Very easy to find out and download. Good luck ElectronicsGeek
  6. To Vinodkp, I do not have got any trouble with the multipart e-books here, so same with E-worm, I guess you do not have the suitable software to unrar and connect them all. Most of the multipart e-books here are compressed and splitted with .rar format, just download all parts into the same folder, and then you just need to unrar only the part 1, all parts will be automatically joined together. One more thing, all .rar files here come with no password. The software I use is 7-zip, this is a excellent freeware, you can get it by "googling" by the "7-zip" keyword. Goodluck to you. To Ante, thank you very much for your e-books shared here, most of them are really valuable to me, every good wish to you. ElectronicsGeek
  7. 10.7MHz resonator will work with microcontroller, even if it is defined as working up to 10MHz maximum. However, the problem comes when if the program is written with the frequency of 10MHz, and now working with 10.7MHz things must happen in the wrong way. Be careful with the 3-pin ceramic resonator (pin order always is: input-ground-output), as in some devices, the manufacturer already adds the internal caps across input and output to ground, so the enduser must not use the external caps. The only way you know that is identifying part from its marking on package and look up in the manufacturer's datasheet. ElectronicsGeek
  8. Hi there, I have an electric bike. As per its manufacturer's instructions, the SLA battery needs a charging time of about 8 hours to reach 90% charged from entirely discharged battery. In my point of view, it is too long and not convenient, especially when I need to charge it in the day time. So, anyone can let me know if I can increase charging voltage/current to shorten the charging time, for example down to 3 or 4 hours??? Thanks a lot for your suggestions. ElectronicsGeek
  9. sarma is right. The generic way is convert 6VAC to 12VAC by an transformer and then rectify it. But the problem here is it is hard for you to know the frequency of the bike generator while this frequency varies when riding, then hard to design the transformer, plus it is big and heavy. The best way here I think the same with sarma, first rectifying the 6VAC into DC and then use the universal switching regulator MC34063 to convert the voltage to 12VDC. MC34063 datasheet, circuit example and design you can find from onsemi.com website. This circuit is very easy to build. I do not think the harmonics make problem on your bike. Good luck ElectronicsGeek
  10. If I am not misunderstood, so you are finding the 2N5777 datasheet as well as part for your flash slave? Right? For the datasheet, you can search in Google with keyword 2N5777, and you will get number of links for free datasheets: datasheetarchieve, datasheet4you, etc. As per my experience, for flash slave, you can use any type of phototransistor regardless which light band it belongs to. Hope above may help. ElectronicsGeek
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