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  1. Does anyone actually built the 7107 based voltmeter project posted in this section in Eagle format? I would appreciate if someone could tell me where the test probes should be attached on that board (should be the IC pins 30 and 31 ?). Also, I would like to know how to set up the measuring range for 0-20v for this project. I guess there is some resistor to be changed like in the other projects. Many thanks
  2. Ok then. So what should I do to have the project working in the 0-20V range, displaying the measured value with two decimals? What is the value of R3 if not 1.2K? Is that 12K? Where should I connect the #5 pin for each display? I'm sorry to bother you but I'm just a hobbyist and I don't know to make the calculations. Thanks.
  3. Hi MP, Have used R3 = 1.2 Kohm 1% tollerance as described in the project page for 0 - 20 V range. I have connected the pin #5 of the 2nd display (from left to right) to the R6 resistor. Thanks for support and also for sharing this very useful project.
  4. Hi guys, Just finished to build this project for 0-20V range and it looks like I have a problem: instead of 12.00 V, for example, the display shows 00.12V, instead of 07.00 V it shows 00.07V and so on. What should I do to make it show the correct value with two decimals? Thanks.
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