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  1. Pls can someone help me get this components for me. I cant find it here in nigeria basically my region. These components are for my project, and i'm going to defend it this september,2006. The components are CA3161E and CA3162E or NTE2054. send to this address, ST GREGORY'S PARISH, BOX 346 EKET, AKWA IBOM STATE, NIGERIA. C/O NSIKAK P.
  2. Ante, What is the solution now to this particular components , is it that there is no other equivalent component that can handle the same function?
  3. Indulis, i don't understand what you meant by that.
  4. yeah, Nsklavos, i'm in nigeria, and the type of components available here are those used frequency in most of the electronics gadgets and secondly we the researchers have nothing much to offer in that aspect. so i would prefer any alternative IC or equivalent circuit to do the analog conversion of the voltage. pls
  5. Ante, Yes, i have accepted your point, but i made a big mistake in the ic part number so the correct number is ca3161e and ca3162e. i can't paste the circuit but here is the link http://users.otenet.gr/~athsam/digital_volt_and_ambere_meter_eng.htm
  6. Pls i have a poblem of getting this component in my local market for my project.CA3261 so pls i need an alternative way of getting this signal converted to aleast 3 digits display(000-999)volts using any other schematic available but not ICL 7107, 7106. thks
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