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  1. Theres any one knows how to troubleshoots a LCD monitor of a hematology analyzer. The display output on the screen is blur. Is there any component of the board of LCD cause the blur or the LCD is the culprit one. Can you help me guys how to diagnose it. THanks
  2. Good Day... I hope this can HELP... www.hobbyprojects.com Don
  3. Hi Guys… I just came to my friend place yesterday to repair his audio system with full of knowledge thru the
  4. Hi ante.. Thanks for the information about the economical point of view regarding to the wire needed when you have higher voltage which allow thinner wiring compare to low voltage, ..Can you give me mathematical computation with that...what about regarding to transmission losses can you also give me mathematical explanation.. You also mentioned
  5. I went to my friend he ask for my help if i can repair his kenwood model RX-39 audio system. I turn on the power then it seems the unit have no problem but after 3 seconds the unit turn off and the message appear on the display ( Protect )..I noticed after repeatedly turn on i hear a clicking sound inside the unit before the unit turn off..I plan to open it by next week so that i can first gather informations before i try to repair it. By the way... My friend told me that sometimes he can used the unit for a couple of months when he will not used the unit for a weeks then after the unit will fail again then he will not used the unit for a weeks..... it seems that the unit is working if had taken a rest
  6. Good Day.. Im very suprised w/ your post!!! Your so very kind..thanks & god bless you. Could you pls email me the service manual of Sony 25" Model KV-25FXR1.. Thank you very much in advance. My email..( [email protected] )
  7. - I know and i really have good understanding about the input ac source, frequency and output voltage..But i dont understand Wheres the 100mA & max 750mA come up? Can u give me some idea & mathematical explanation to come up for 100mA & 750mA.. thanks - How can i compute the power rating of these charger?? INPUT AC. 120~240 50-60 hz 100mA Output DC. 4.8-12 max 750mA
  8. Thanks for the advice....its highly appreciated sir....we will install it..So we can record the life span of the bulb having 22.8v in the unit... thakns sir
  9. 1. Hi guys! i noticed that every countries have their different voltages supply..in my country we used 220volts other countries used 120volts... im just confused can u pls enlighten me...what is more economical to used 120v or 220v? advantages & disadvantages using 120V or 220V? We all know a TV that was manufactured at Japan having 120v can used to other country that have 220V using step up transformer... 2. I saw lately my friend have a halogen bulb w/ the specifications of 24Volts ac 5Owatts, the problem is he told me that the store he used to buy that bulb are out stock only available are 22.8Volts ac 50 watts...This will be used at the OR lights ( heraeusHanaulux ) ...im just confused! that the reason i come out w/ my question no. 1..What is the reason of having different voltages used to light up a bulb having a 50 watts:Is there any effect in intensity of the lights and operation of the equipments? confuse: .....By the way in our countries we used 220volts ac. 3. 220volts versus 120volts .........
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